Playing isn't just about fun

Play is about doing things that aren't part of your everyday routine.

Playing isn't just about fun

There’s more to play than just fun.

From as early as childhood it's possible to experience bliss in its near-perfect form. Every new sight, sound, taste, and touch we experience makes us more curious about our surroundings. This curiosity drives us to keep exploring. 

As children we see life as untainted and full of possibilities. We play without hesitation, discovering new things we love and spending as much time doing them as we can. We imagine new worlds in our minds and from these interactions we begin to develop a sense of the world. "Playing" becomes our universal language. 

As we get older finding time to play gets harder. Our minds switch from recreation to responsibility and we lose sight of what feels good. The thing is, play isn't just about having fun. When we do it, our bodies release endorphins, which boosts creativity, improves functionality and generally makes us happier people. Our best moments come when we let go and let the world surprise us. When we start enjoying things outside of ourselves, we find our best selves.

So what does play look like and how do we find time for it as an adult?

Play is about doing things that aren't part of your everyday routine. It could be an afternoon exploring your neighbourhood, a night out with friends, cooking a recipe you saw online, or running a marathon. It doesn't matter what you do so much as how often you do it, so find what makes you happy and start doing a whole lot more of it.

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