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Who We Are

What is STAC(S)?

STAC(S) stands for Stepping Towards Active Change(s). In our case, these steps are how we create, inspire and connect.  

We believe that small changes are powerful if we all make them and we aren’t perfect, but we know there’s strength in numbers. Our mission is to create and inspire a community of people who want to contribute to positive change. 

Who do you give back to?

We support organizations that are devoted to food, youth, and art. We currently work with community partners who are based in Toronto, but as we grow, we hope to expand to other major cities within Canada and beyond.

We invite you to get in touch with us if you are or if you know of a non-profit that might like to collaborate with us. 

Our pillars:


Our relationship with food affects every aspect of our lives: our environment, our societies, and ourselves personally. This is why we believe access to food should be a right and not a privilege.


By investing in youth, we can foster new ideas, innovations and the betterment of our society. When youth have the resources they need to thrive, the possibilities are endless.


Art has a profound effect on how humans perceive and interact with one another as well as the world around them. Through art, we can shape who we are as well as how we perceive the world.

What does change look like? 

Change contributes directly to the social and cultural issues we care about, and seeing those contributions makes a positive impact on our communities. 

What makes your pancake mix unique?

STAC(S) was created because we saw an opportunity to do good with something really simple. Change starts with an idea, and that's exactly what we hope to inspire in others. 

With our pancake mix, we encourage people to be thoughtful, intentional, and positive in the mornings, so that they can begin their day with a sense of purpose. We believe that our pancakes are best made with love and patience, and that if you approach your day with the same attitude, beautiful things can happen.

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